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Here is the part that got Andrea and her fans all riled up. of the first name of the last person you hooked up with? “I do not want to be associated with your trash name.

Kian Lawley may have started off with a squeaky clean reputation in the popular You Tube tribe Our 2nd Life, but has since gotten himself into a few sticky situations.

Meredith was then tagged on an Instagram video by a fan account, and liked the post. Kian’s good friend Joseph Hernandez was informed that Kian was unfollowed by Meredith.We decided to break down this bad boy’s dating history — from the confirmed girlfriends to rumored flings and all the the steamy hookups in between, we got you covered on all things Kian Lawley!Have on-and-off-again couple Kian Lawley and Meredith Mickelson finally broken up for good?Since he and fellow O2L member JC Caylen started their own channel, they’ve opened up about more risque topics like partying and sex — and in those videos the 21-year-old even went into detail about losing his virginity at age 17.Since this You Tuber is so open about his personal life, it’s not surprising that the topic of his romantic trysts at the forefront of many fans’ minds.

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“One pic of me taken next to Meredith and people think I am lesbian and we are dating,” Suede joked. Fans started to spam the video’s comments section with accusations of shade, despite basing their accusations on dodgy lip-reading.